If you have an urgent need or must meet a deadline, contact a lawyer, your local public defender of the SC Bar Association.

DO NOT WAIT for a response from the ACLU.

The ACLU can assist only a small number of clients. We only accept cases with the geatest potential to set legal precedents for the preservation or advancement of civil liberties.

We look for complaints that relate to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, government-sponsored religious activities, privacy, discrimination (gender, age, racial), reproductive rights, systematic police misconduct, censorship in schools or libraries, student rights, workplace privacy, and inhumane jail and prison conditions. The ACLU does not assist in:

Guidelines on requesting legAL ASSISTANCE

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How to Send Your REQUEST to the ACLU of South CArolina

By Mail

Intake Manager
ACLU of South Carolina
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File Online

Using our Online Complaint Form will get your complaint to us quickly, but a response from us could still take as long as six weeks.

Important Information about Deadlines